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CrossTown Band is a Christian Rock Band set in a Classic Rock and Blues Band musical format.
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Len Amsterdam Radio re: Cross Town Band

"an exciting ride throughout, very very catchy material, sure to be a big hit, one of the best new acts, we have heard in a long time. ya had us hooked from the start to finish, a total powerhouse , a killer rhythm section, engaging intellectual offerings. this band is the total package! you really have something happening here! your sound is as big as the grand canyon, a complete breathe of fresh air. " come on over to the great white north.! Len Amsterdam radio.. all indie all the time  _____________________________________ Len Amsterdam 

--Gil Powers, Len Amsterdam Radio Review- SoundClick
Graham Henderson ROAR Radio re: "To Die For Me"

If I could find good inspirational stuff like this every day, I could put a CD on the station deck and go down to the pub for an hour and nobody would complain about missing my dum quips between tracks. Good lyrics. Good message. And more important from my point of view, real fine listening. It just nudged "Point Of View" out of my heads hit chart. It is on in listening form for anyone having hassles with getting it at I'd download it guys. Ya know ya gonna wanna listen again. Regards. Graham

----Graham Henderson, 103.9 ROAR Radio, Esperance, West Australia


Walking Bear Records re: "To Die For Me"

I went over to your website to stream a tune or 2, and I'm digging this one for the 2nd time across. I am really digging the rhythm of this piece, and the lead phrasing is killer. I've noted that you have a spiritual tilt to the writing which I also really like, you're digging into your own theology and laying it bare. That, to me, is a beautiful thing, and you do it in an honest and straightforward way. As a commoner, a staunch Yankee and a working stiff, I can also dig this aspect as well. I'm hearing this lo-fi, so it may be the stream, but in a blue sky dream, if I could remix this one I'd push the drums and the rhythm guitar up to propel this piece and push that groove right out to the listener...I think it'd accentuate that head-bobbing mantra type rhythm that some of that good old 70's rock did for us away back when, man, jump out of the speakers and make you drive just a little bit faster down the turnpike...know what I'm saying? ...and I know that you do! You have obviously been there. Rock on, I like what you're doing over there. 

Guy Bergeron

--Guy Bergeron, Walking Bear Records, Jan 2003
Graham Henderson ROAR Radio re: "Silver's Song"

Enjoyed this a lot David. I maybe got more heaven out of it than Ruth even, as I had a lot of fun singing variations of my Example one. By singing all but the chorus, and singing that after the lst verse only, and depending on what my ad lib monster was up to at any given take. I got to sing the lyric to this not too bad at all. Started at the very start. Glad I grabbed this. I guess it isn't on the CD and the live in it is right up my alley David. Ya dad probably loves it. I got one about my Old Man he never got to hear but always feel close to him when I sing it even though it is a novelty song. Dad was a pretty novel guy anyway. Graham Henderson, 103.9 ROAR Radio, Esperance, West Australia

--Graham Henderson, 103.9 ROAR Radio, June 2003


ONYX Music in Canada re: "Cosmos"

This is really nice, I really like that guitar intro....very cool. You guys are so tight as a group, I really like the sound that you have accomplished. Very professional, very slick. Cheers, Louise Peacock, ONYX Music

--Louise Peacock, ONYX Music of Canada, Feb 2003
Piper Kirk re: "Hell To Live"

Great musicians would be so lucky to have this quality of "living room demo" to work with...but...BUT ya'll make sure u mix those vocals on top 'cause the poetry is massive and weighty. Dig the insinuation of album title...good way to work in the reminder...musical arrangement is on the money for is certain for a hit...prayin a "Dove" comes your way from this CD guys beat most top 40 rock bands....sneak a little Jesus in on the rock audience and they'll never know what hit 'em...Congrats on the new piece ....P

--Piper Kirk, with Hampton Entertainment Group, Apr 2003
ONYX Music in Canada re: "To Die For Me"

Another really nice piece of music. You guys have really nailed down the groove here and the playing and singing is just totally excellent. Great stuff! Cheers, Louise Peacock, ONYX Music

--Louise Peacock, ONYX Music of Canada, Jan 2003
Piper Kirk re: "Strollin Blue"

I'm certain Eric Clapton would be doin the head groove in freeway traffic on this!!!!! Smart addition to the album.....I was sitting here giving this track the old female vocals from Pink Floyd's Dark Side o' Moon....wailing really...but who could help but scat.....and I see why your drummer is on the most wanted list these days. Piper Kirk Nashville Recording Artist with Hampton Entertainment Group

--Piper Kirk, with Hampton Entertainment Group, Apr 2003
ONYX Music in Canada reviews "Point Of View"

Great intro. Some really beautiful guitar playing here. I like the way the instruments build...very nice work. Keep writing! Cheers, Louise Peacock, ONYX Music

--Louise Peacock, ONYX Music of Canada, Jan 2003
Burnin Vernon reviews "Point Of View"

Nice groove on this. I like the old school vibe to your sound. I used to be a pretty big fan of what was termed Jesus Rock. Songs like Spirit In the Sky, Jesus Is Just Alright and some of the stuff by Lighthouse. Great job on this song. Keep spreadin' the word and playin' that rock and roll!! PeaceOnEarth BV

--BurninVernon,, Apr 2003
John Cronin reviews "Strollin Blue"

The only thing wrong with this song is that it should be about three hours long so I don't have to keep playing it again. I'm having a pretty ruff day so far and this song is helping to relax me. Peace Brother.

--"Bandit" (John Cronin), Slowvein Management, Apr 2003
Patricia Kearly reviews "Strollin Blue"

I love the blues!! ...this song has a great groove and it's definitely one I'll be playing again! Great job David....

--pk1569 (Patricia Kearly),, Apr 2003
Chippy of SongRamp reviews "Point Of View"

Hi! I enjoyed Point of View the most. I sense lightening in your music, David. I was struck multiple times. It was good and keep rocking on.

--Chippy,, Mar 2003
John Cronin reviews "Cosmos"

Very nice, you really tear it up on guitar. leaves me feeling very satisfied.

--"Bandit" (John Cronin), Slowvein Management, Apr 2003
Burnin Vernon reviews "Cosmos"

This is some hot bluesy jazz you got goin' on here. That lead guitar is smokin'! Solid rhythm section. 
Great Stuff! BV

--BurninVernon,, Apr 2003
David Abbington of Applehead reviews "Cosmos"

Great Mix. Love that clean dry kick. Might just have to convert this mp3 to wave file and loop it. I just can't enough. Thanks. Great groove.

--Applehead (David Abington),, Feb 2003
Piper Kirk reviews "Cosmos"

WAAAAAAYYYYYY Dig it! I'm flickin' my bic, here, Dave! 
Hey, Happy Valentine's Day! 

--Piper Kirk, with Hampton Entertainment Group, Feb 2003
Guy Bergeron of Walking Bear Records reviews "Cosmos"

Nice, nice tone on that guitar there bud. I like the feel of this one a lot, its got a really cool groove and a solid backbone, as well as some inspired, fluid waggly bendy shiny guitar pickin, which you know I'm a fan of. Very "Hip" indeed!

Guy Bergeron

--Guy Bergeron, Walking Bear Records, Feb 2003

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