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CrossTown Band is a Power Trio Rock Band performing original and cover songs in the Classic Rock and Blues Rock style
Christian Rock Bands, Classic Rock Bands, Blues Rock Bands, Blues Bands, Phoenix Arizona


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Welcome to the CrossTown Visual experience!

Over the years we have been taped at live concerts, appeared on television and finally moved into the marketing tool known as Video! Here you will find a collection of Videos submitted by Fans, requested by our Label, and done by the band for a variety of uses. Mostly, we just want to give you the chance to see AND hear us in hopes you will find our performances interesting enough to make you want to come see us LIVE and experience the full power and passion of CrossTown!

We welcome comments, good, bad AND ugly because WE STAND FOR FREEDOM and are making a stand against the erosion of our Civil Liberties! Okay, off the Political Soapbox and ON TO THE SHOWS!

Talk Me Off The Ledge
(Original Session Track recorded for Tommy Lee)
Copyright 2009, Tommy Lee, Methods of Mayhem & Roadrunner Records

This is the Video of Dave Van Kleeck's Guitar Part Submission!

This Video is self-explanatory, but for the sake of time, here ya go;

This is a Video of Dave recording his Guitar Part for a song on Tommy Lee's NEW "Methods of Mayhem" ALBUM!

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View Video on YouTube

It is Dave Van Kleeck playing one of the Peak Performance Custom Shop Prototype Custom Stratocasters, the SCIROCCO Model.
He is playing this gorgeous Transparent Burgundy Ash body/ Maple neck/ Ebony fretboard Strat through the Marshall JCM800 Model 1959, purchased from and autographed by Robin Trower himself in 2004. Robin owned and used the amp on his USA Tours for about 20 years! And YES, Robin's Amp IS for sale, with many extras!
Email Dave for details.

Many more Videos will follow so STAY TUNED!

And now, on with the show!

Carry Me Away
Original Song by David Van Kleeck (BMI)

A / V shot by Mark Van Kleeck at The Clubhouse in Tempe, AZ
for the EMERGENZA International Music Festival
Live Audio Recording provided by Jerry Mathies of METRON Studios

Song Credits:
Dave Michaels Band original song
Words and Music David Van Kleeck
Copyright 1985 David D Van Kleeck (BMI)
Published 1985 Dicey Publishing Co. (BMI)
Original Single released in 1987

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Cold Shot
Stevie Ray Vaughan cover by CrossTown

CrossTown Band song practice footage

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Too Rolling Stoned
Robin Trower cover by CrossTown

A / V shot by Mark Van Kleeck at The Clubhouse in Tempe, AZ
for the EMERGENZA International Music Festival
Live Audio Recording provided by Jerry Mathies of METRON Studios
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Full Service Recording Studio, On-Site Remote Recording and Session Services
available from
Jasongs Recording Studio

PPCSI - Jasongs Recording Studios, a Disk Makers Pro Studio Partner
Located in Glendale, Arizona, Jasongs Recording Studio
caters to the Independent and Working Musician's Audio
and Audio/Video needs and budget!

If you need help or consultation re: audio recording, video recording and editing,
audio mixing, audio mastering, A / V Post Production, Press Kits and EPK's,

Just CALL DAVE @ (602) 315-6821
or Email him at

Attention Keyboardists and Guitarists!

CrossTown Band and Dave Michaels Project have found their new Bassist, Mr. James Alan, formerly of Digital Blues Band! Make him welcome! James plays when John Perry is unavailable or for any Tours we book.

We are still looking for Keyboard players, with at least backup/harmony vocal ability. Also looking for Rhythm Guitarists with Vocal ability.

We have a local record deal, a Manager, a Recording Studio and Gigs that we're having to pass up until we complete this re-grouping project!

Contact Dave at or (602) 315-6821. Experienced players with Pro equipment and attitude only!

Tommy Lee of Motley Crue
and Methods of Mayhem!

His band Methods of Mayhem hosted a Special Recording Project at;
The Public Record - Tommy Lee Project is now COMPLETED, unless they decide to post more ideas!
Just follow this
LINK and check out Music History in the making!

bulletTommy Lee's METHODS OF MAYHEM Public Record Project - EVERYONE should get involved with THIS!
bulletDavid Van Kleeck has entered the Public Record Project with Original Guitar Tracks for;
bullet Talk Me Off The Ledge - Tommy Lee's Raw Song Track with Dave's Guitar Mixed in
bullet Talk Me Off The Ledge - Dave's Guitar Track Stem
bulletVideo of Dave recording the track is now up at CrossTownBand on YouTube!
bulletAnother track entry from David Van Kleeck with Original Keyboard/Synth Tracks for;
bulletONLY ONE
bullet Only One - Tommy Lee's Raw Song Track with Dave's Keyboards Mixed in
bullet Only One - Dave's Keyboards Track Stem

(Stevie Ray Vaughan cover)
(coming soon!)

Bridge Of Sighs
(Robin Trower cover)
Shot at The Clubhouse in Tempe, AZ for
The EMERGENZA International Music Festival

(coming soon!)

Somebody Calling
(Robin Trower cover)

(coming soon!)

I Can't Wait Much Longer
(Robin Trower cover)

(coming soon!)



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