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CrossTown Band is a Power Trio Rock Band performing original and cover songs in the Classic Rock and Blues Rock style
Christian Rock Bands, Classic Rock Bands, Blues Rock Bands, Blues Bands, Phoenix Arizona

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CrossTown is Original Power Blues/Rock with a Memphis Soul feel
and a Spiritual “Point Of View”.
The songs are inspired and thought provoking…
The performances are always high energy and spontaneous…
CrossTown puts ALL their heart and soul into EVERY performance!

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CrossTown Band is a Christian Rock Band set in a Classic Rock and Blues Band musical format.
Christian Rock Band, Classic Rock Band, Blues Band, Phoenix Arizona

About CrossTown Band 

The CrossTown Band Mission is to spread God's message of reconciliation through their music and performances.

CrossTown Band ROCKS Phoenix Arizona with live music and powerful performances of Classic Rock and Blues Rock, performing both cover songs and originals written by David Van Kleeck!
CrossTown Band plays many genres of music, focusing on the Original Contemporary Christian Rock audience with fans ranging in age from 10 to 55, both secular and spiritual audiences. With many nationally released original songs spanning 2003 through 2009, dealing with life issues and questions from the point of view of Bible based living, CrossTown Band has made had a positive influence and gained fans and critical acclaim around the world.

Their songs are heard on various radio stations across the country and around the world by way of the Internet, on both Secular and Christian Radio Stations ranging from K-LOVE (right here in Phoenix, Arizona) to Len Amsterdam's Jazz & Blues Tour in Canada all the way to ROAR Radio in West Esperance, Australia!

When playing for Community Events, Church Revivals, gatherings and Outreach Events the CrossTown Band song list consists mainly of original Contemporary Christian Rock songs meant for encouraging believers and easily relating to the non-believer perspective.

When playing secular venues the CrossTown Band song list includes covers of rock, soul, rhythm and blues, blues rock, and their own original songs and they perform under the name Saffire Bluez or Dave Michaels Project.

CrossTown Band, Saffire Bluez and Dave Michaels Project are available for booking throughout Arizona - primarily in Maricopa County which includes  Surprise, Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Paradise Valley. We will also consider joining tours throughout the Southwest USA.

CrossTown Band Biography

CrossTown Band is a fusion of the classic Blues Rock sound with spiritual lyrics in a "Power Trio" format. With a sound both unique and familiar, they have been compared to such Artists as Robin Trower, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Nickelback, Creed, Doughtry and Bad Company. Their music grabs you and the lyrics compel you to listen, again...
and again...

Their live performances include original songs and covers of the Classic Rock and Power Blues Rock Artists that have influenced them over the years. From these performances and countless "Recording Sessions", more than two dozen original songs began to take shape and the goal of recording and releasing a full length CD was born and, by the grace of God, attained!

CrossTown Band self-released "POINT OF VIEW" locally and via the Internet in 2002 and again July of 2003, selling out both CD runs in just under a year each. After such a moderately successful stint of Internet and Performance sales, they approached and officially signed with Alethea Records in 2004, locking themselves in the studio to finish writing and recording the NEW songs for their National Debut Album “POINT OF VIEW”, which is
dedicated to Jason Edward Lasher, the son of Callie Van Kleeck and Kenneth Lasher.

2007 saw very exciting changes for CrossTown Band Band AND their fans! The addition of GAMMA, and Robin Trower Front Man/Lead Vocalist Davey Pattison is featured throughout the Album on Lead Vocals!

Long time friend and all around incredible person Derek Sutton, Robin Trower's Manager since 1978, has lent us his talents as Executive Producer for the Album, as has Davey Pattison. It was Derek who introduced CrossTown Band' s music to Davey, inquiring as to Davey's interest in lending his Gold and Platinum Album selling voice to CrossTown Band for the recording of multiple Album projects. Wonder of wonders in this incredible Universe, Davey was available AND interested!

What has been happening since is nothing short of miraculous! We're sure you will agree once you hear 'POINT OF VIEW', the BRAND NEW full-length debut CD from Davey Pattison & CrossTown Band, featuring Pete Thompson of Robin Trower on Drums!

The National Release of “POINT OF VIEW” happened during the Summer of 2009, and may include a tour throughout the Southwest starting in California and Arizona sometime in 2010.

Album Dedication:

The CD "POINT OF VIEW" is dedicated to Jason Edward Lasher, who always did so much to help with David's band-setup at every performance. From helping with lighting and sound to the loading/unloading/reloading of equipment at every concert. This record is a Tribute to, and in memory of, Jason Edward Lasher. Son of Kenneth Lasher and Callie Van Kleeck, Jason passed through this world quickly but made a difference for many, always being the first one to help those in need around him. Since the time he had just turned 7 (when David and Callie first met), it didn't matter what sport he was playing, he always showed up early and stuck around late to help do the "dirty work" of clean up and load up. 

But one sad day he left this world, on purpose, because he could see no way out of his anguish and there was no-one there all that day to see his pain or help him through it.

Prior to that evening, some of his friends knew he was upset, some even heard him talk about ending it within scant weeks before it happened. His was a successful first attempt suicide, very hard if not impossible to prevent. No-one brought his statements of wanting to commit suicide to the attention of his 4 parents, nor did any of his friends take his statements serious. After all, he was a High School Graduate with honors, out on his own and working and seemingly had it all together. So he's his own person and his parents probably know about it anyway if there really IS a problem, right? 

Nope, we had no clue. NONE of us!

He loved good music of many genres and always showed respect for the music and for the messages of hope presented in so many of his favorite Artists. So much harder then for us to understand the contradiction of it all, to understand why the decision to just step off the edge of no return voluntarily mere days after making plans for his immediate future over an enjoyable and lengthy lunch with his Mom, Callie.

The "MORAL" to the story? Their is NO cost too great to make sure the lines of REAL communication are open from the day your child is born on. Friends, watch over each other. Suicide is NEVER a joking matter and NEVER to be taken lightly. Too often, those who could do something about it are in the dark regarding the problem. So help each other and each others families stay in touch with reality, ALWAYS and ALL WAYS!

Rest in Peace, Jason. 

We miss you every single day. 

And some of those days, so much more than others...

Jason's Favorite High School Graduation Photo
Jason Edward Lasher, 1977-1996
Jason Edward Lasher

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