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Updated: Tuesday October 15, 2013

Cross Town Band Logo ©2000 Cross Town Entertainment on Alethea Records, Cross Town Band is; Dave Van Kleeck, John Perry, Bob Herder®™

CrossTown Band is a Christian Rock Band set in a Classic Rock and Blues Band musical format.
Christian Rock Bands, Classic Rock Bands, Blues Rock Bands, Blues Bands Phoenix Arizona

New CD from David Van Kleeck
w/ Special Guests!

New CD from David Van Kleeck - EVENT HORIZON


New CD "EVENT HORIZON", featuring;

Davey Pattison on Vocals


Darryl St. John on Guitars


Pete Thompson on Drums


David Van Kleeck on Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Synths


1st Single Released: HELL TO LIVE

Featuring Davey Pattison- on Vocals; Pete Thompson- on Drums
Solo & Rhythm Guitars, Bass Guitar- David Van Kleeck
Recorded at
Jasongs Recording Studios


1st Single (HELL TO LIVE) Reviewed by Kim Pedone/Little Queen Music: CLICK HERE



Davey Pattison (GAMMA, Robin Trower) on Vocals
Darryl St. John (Atlantic Mine, Davey Pattison Band) on Lead Guitar
Pete Thompson (Silverhead, Robin Trower) on Drums
David Van Kleeck on Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Bass and Keyboards

Pattison - St. John - Thompson - Van Kleeck





Support your Local Music Scene!



Donna Jeans Libations Banner Link


Donna Jeans Libations

6676 West Bell Road


Glendale, AZ 85308


(623) 979-7036

The Rhythm Room, Phoenix Arizona


The Rhythm Room

1019 E. Indian School Road


Phoenix, Arizona 85014


(602) 265-4842

CrossTown Band is performing locally around the Greater Phoenix Arizona area with increasing frequency!
Having spent so much time in the Studio recording tracks for TWO NEW ALBUMS, it's time to get the new material
out in front of a live audience again and get back into performance mode! We hope you'll Email Us to be included in
our Monthly Newsletter, "View Points" and opt in for Email notifications for upcoming performances! We will be
including a number of FREE ALL AGES shows in the very near future! Your Email Address and other information is
used solely for the Email delivery of Newsletters and Upcoming Show Dates. Your information is never shared with
anyone for any reason!

Speaking of performances, CrossTown Band recently performed at The Rhythm Room. Many of you came out in full
support and really made us feel GREAT about returning to the Live Stage! All the more unfortunate then that the
evening's schedule did not go anywhere near as the promoter had planned. So for those Fans who came out to see

us, we have a
Special Offer JUST FOR YOU! The Special Offer includes a FREE CD of our new album "The Light"
upon it's release. Just Click HERE for details!

Tommy Lee's Public Record Project

recording submissions for Tommy Lee's new Methods of Mayhem CD!

Latest Recording Project - on Video!

Dave Van Kleeck recording guitar tracks for Tommy Lee's "TALK ME OFF THE LEDGE"
(and an inside look at part of the Studio and the equipment available for recording projects)

bulletTommy Lee's METHODS OF MAYHEM Public Record Project - EVERYONE should get involved with THIS!
bulletDavid Van Kleeck has entered the Public Record Project with Original Guitar Tracks for;
bullet Talk Me Off The Ledge - Tommy Lee's Raw Song Track with Dave's Guitar Mixed in
bullet Talk Me Off The Ledge - Dave's Guitar Track Stem
bulletVideo of Dave recording the track is now up at CrossTownBand on YouTube!
bulletAnother track entry from David Van Kleeck with Original Keyboard/Synth Tracks for;
bulletONLY ONE
bullet Only One - Tommy Lee's Raw Song Track with Dave's Keyboards Mixed in
bullet Only One - Dave's Keyboards Track Stem

NEW SONGS from 2 Local Bands off their New CDs!

Click below to listen to the songs!

SMASH by Dave Michaels Project

THE LIGHT by CrossTown Band
CrossTownBand The Light

SMASH by Dave Michaels Project THE LIGHT by CrossTown Band
Click for Stream/Lyrics Page Click for Stream/Lyrics Page

NEW Videos posted to our Videos Page! Check 'em out!


NEW Songs posted to our Music Page! Check 'em out!


Recorded by

davey PATTISON - darryl ST. JOHN - pete THOMPSON - david VAN KLEECK

Event Horizon

NEW CD COMING 10-30-2012
Event Horizon - temporary CD Graphic - Photo of original artwork by Breck Van Kleeck


Full Service Recording Studio and On-Site Recording Services

Jasongs Recording Studios

PPCSI - Jasongs Recording Studios, a Disk Makers Pro Studio Partner
Located in Glendale, Arizona, Jasongs Recording Studio
caters to the Independent and Working Musician's Audio
and Audio/Video needs and budget!

If you need help or consultation re: audio recording, video recording and editing,
audio mixing, audio mastering, A / V Post Production, Press Kits and EPK's,

Just CALL DAVE @ (602) 315-6821

Glory Rock Volume 1 & 2

 The NEW 2-CD Set from Versailles Records RELEASED November 25, 2008!
features '
Point Of View' by Davey Pattison and CrossTown - LISTEN HERE!
and 'To Die For Me' by CrossTown Band - LISTEN HERE!

Davey Pattison and CrossTown on 'Glory Rock Volume 1 & 2' from Versailles Records
Album Cover Art © Versailles Records
'Glory Rock Vol. 1&2', features current/former members of such Christian rock legends as BRIDE, Petra, Guardian, Neon Cross, and Liberty N' Justice, as well as mainstream rock legends including Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Cinderella, Ratt, Lillian Axe, Quiet Riot, Dangerous Toys, Billy Squier Band, Rod Stewart Band, The Scream, and Grammy-winning pianist Randy Cantor, as well as Grammy/Dove Award winner Bob Carlisle (of Butterfly Kisses fame)!

Versailles Records Logo © Versailles Records
LOGO © Versailles Records

From the CD 'Glory Rock Vol. 1 & 2' - in stores now and across Internet

CrossTown are big ROBIN TROWER fans!

Check out The Robin Trower Collectables Store!

The place to find Out Of Circulation and Autographed Merchandise of all types; from LPs and CDs, VHS and DVDs, to Tour Swag like T-Shirts and Ball Caps, Sweatshirts, Photos, Tablature, Guitar Picks - even Autographed Merchandise like Amps and Guitars! ALL BRAND NEW! NEVER WORN, WASHED, USED or ABUSED!

Including Trower Tour Merchandise, Trower Memorabilia, Trower Clothing, Trower Autographs and Robin Trower Autographed Items!


CrossTown is Featured Artist Of The Month with A&R Unlimited in New York!

Davey Pattison, Pete Thompson, Dave Van Kleeck, John Perry - The line-up for Davey Pattison & CrossTown on the NEW and soon to be released nationally full-length CD "POINT OF VIEW" on Alethea Records. During August 2009, they are the Featured Artist Of The Month at A&R Unlimited located in New York. Check them out on Alethea Records' Member page and the Featured Artist page!.

CrossTown in the Studio with Davey Pattison and Pete Thompson of ROBIN TROWER!

Davey Pattison is fronting a new version of CrossTown for various new recording projects, including "THE LIGHT", "POINT OF VIEW" and "STORM ON THE HORIZON" for Alethea Records. There is also talk about collaborating on a Gospel album plus the 3rd Davey Pattison solo album. Davey previously released "Mississippi Nights" and "Pictures" through Rear Window Music. Both albums received critical acclaim and are still selling copies of both CDs around the world! Davey has been rated "among the Top Ten Male Vocalists in the World", and one listen to anything he sings will convince you of the truth of that statement. Davey is a true Scotsman, humble and unassuming privately, but passionately alive in front of an audience and always prepared to give everything he has to make the show unforgettable! Davey's primary role is fronting the Classic Rock legend ROBIN TROWER, who is currently on Tour in Europe and coming to the USA in September of 2009! You DO NOT want to miss this show when it comes around!

In addition to Davey Pattison, the incomparable Pete Thompson has joined us in the studio on two album recording projects already, plus he is set for completing the projects already started and beginning the recording of his first solo project sometime in 2009. Pete Thompson, an English born and bred World Class drummer, has been part of more high-profile famous bands and artist recordings than anybody else I know of. Pete has drummed for everyone from Melanie to Robert Plant. Starting in 1972 with the Arena Rock band "Silverhead", Pete has continued to perform and record on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean with almost no stopping in between! One listen to CrossTown's new version of COSMOS will show you why this man is among the most requested drummers of all time!

Both Davey Pattison (vocals) and Pete Thompson (drums) are part of the ROBIN TROWER 2009 TOUR band, along with entrepreneurial Luthier/Author/Bassist Glenn Letsch.

CrossTown on Versailles Records "Glory Rock Vol. 1 & 2" Released Nationally on November 25, 2009!

Davey Pattison and CrossTown submitted their new recording of POINT OF VIEW to Jacob Brown of Versailles Records for their upcoming Double CD Compilation Album titled "Glory Rock Vol. 1 & 2". Now, we've been asked to submit another song as well. Our second choice is the ONLY song to ever out-perform "POINT OF VIEW" everywhere it was aired, posted or submitted in competition; "TO DIE FOR ME (live)" by CrossTown Band. If you want to hear the NEW "POINT OF VIEW" Title Track from Davey Pattison and CrossTown click HERE!

Davey Pattison was brought over from his native Scotland by invitation of Bill Graham specifically to front the Arena Rock band GAMMA, which featured Ronnie Montrose, Glenn Letsch and other luminaries of the Hard Rock scene! Davey also released two solo albums; "MISSISSIPPI NIGHTS" and "PICTURES", both available from his Official Website and available from Alethea Records Online Store for IUDC Artists. Davey is most recently known for his work with Michael Schenker in the "PATTISON SCHENKER SUMMIT" releases of "THE NEVERENDING JAM" and "THE NEVERENDING JAM Continues" and MOST notably as the incredible voice fronting ROBIN TROWER since the mid 1980's!

A more soulful blues singer you will not find anywhere! Davey is currently performing world tours fronting legendary Blues/Rock Arena band ROBIN TROWER! It was through the kindness of Derek Sutton (Robin's Manager here in the States) who introduced Davey Pattison to CrossTown's music, that Davey Pattison and CrossTown ever met. Davey and Dave Van Kleeck hit it off right from the start, like life-long friends reunited even though only meeting briefly back in the mid 80's while Davey was performing with ROBIN TROWER at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix Arizona! They are continuing on with additional projects in the works to be released through Alethea Records and possibly other labels. Stay tuned for ViewPoint UpDaTeS by signing up for our FREE Newsletter HERE!


The NEW RECORDING of 'Point Of View' by CrossTown
featuring Davey Pattison on Lead Vocals!

CrossTown Band is holding auditions by appointment only!
Call Dave at (602) 315-6821

bullet 1 Bass Player w/ Vocals*


bulletAlso looking for
bullet1 Guitarist/Keyboardist w/ Vocals*
bullet1  Drummer*

Email your information to David@vankleeck.com


OR CALL Dave at (602) 315-6821

*Experienced players with Pro equipment and attitude only please

CrossTown performed at The Clubhouse Music Venue in Tempe, AZ 4/7/06

Click HERE to see pics from the show!

April 7th, 2006
Doors at 7:00PM, Show 8:30pm - 12:00am CrossTown takes the stage at 10:00PM
The Clubhouse Music Venue in Tempe, AZ
1320 E. Broadway Road, Tempe AZ  85282
(480) 968-3238 - Main Phone for The Clubhouse Music Venue
Music Performances by 7 Phoenix Area Bands! THIS IS AN ALL AGES SHOW!
(602) 315-0168 - Contact phone number for CrossTown
 $10.00 each, mailed to you OR email us for a local 'Pickup' order!
EMERGENZA INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL SERIES Elimination Rounds in Phoenix, Arizona. Seven local Phoenix Area Bands perform Friday, April 7, 2006. 

This is an ALL AGES show starting at 8:30PM and going until Midnight!
Security is provided, a full kitchen and bar. A separate section for underage concertgoers is provided right up front for an enjoyable evening of entertainment for ALL!

The Clubhouse Music Venue was chosen by Emergenza for all their Phoenix Arizona area 'EMERGENZA INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL' events.

Cross Town Banner ©2005 Cross Town Entertainment, Cross Town Band on Alethea Records with Dave Van Kleeck, John Perry, Bob Herder

Special Offers

The Special Offers have expired. We thank you all for your understanding and for taking advantage of our REFUNDING your Ticket Costs as our way of a sincere apology for the venue conditions you endured at that performance.

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