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Silver's Song From 'POINT OF VIEW' ©2003 Alethea Records

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A Piano Blues piece spiced with some Power Blues Guitar riffs. Originally written by my Dad (David Dee Van Kleeck) when I was a kid, I later taught myself the piano part from memory and recorded it live with Bob Herder on drums at an intimate studio recording session for close family and friends in 1987, 3 years after my Dad had passed away. Later that week I added the guitar parts and subsequently the song was deemed acceptable for inclusion on our debut album 'POINT OF VIEW'. 

"This one's for you, Daddy. I played the piano like you so the world could hear you like we all did. Then I let my soul come out through the guitar, the way we used to play together on Redfield Road. Thanks for teaching me how to let the music out!"

Musicians on this recording:
Bob Herder: Drums
Dave Van Kleeck: Grand Piano, Guitars,

Silver's Song

(Music ©2003 David Dee Van Kleeck & David D Van Kleeck (BMI))
(p)2003 Jasoné Music/Dicey Publishing Company (BMI)

Genre: Blues Rock
Type: Studio Recording
Style: Instrumental
Format: Stereo

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