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Hell To Live From 'POINT OF VIEW' ©2003 Alethea Records

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A reflection of life and lives I have encountered. I am one of the lucky ones, saved from the misery of a life with no purpose by the stark reality of a cold and empty world where the only Light that shined on me came from the love of the Faithful sharing the Bread of Life with a starving man.

Musicians on this recording:
John Perry: Bass Guitar
Dave Van Kleeck: Vocals and Guitars, Drums

Hell To Live

(©2003 Words & Music David D Van Kleeck (BMI))
(p)2003 Jasoné Music/Dicey Publishing Company (BMI)

He spent his days going nowhere fast
Always running from a shady past
Though nothing's keeping him his hands feel tied
He's finding out there was nowhere to hide
   You know,
    He's got nothing left of his soul to give
    He's made his own Hell To Live

She spent her nights in a dingy hotel
Seeking fortune from a wishing well
She wants to sleep but find's nowhere to go
Reaches out finding no-one to hold
   You know,
    She's got nothing left of her soul to give
    She's made her own Hell To Live

Why do we always look for some way to even a score
Certain life is to blame for what we're going through
We need a new Point of View to help see us through


How did we lose our way where did we go
Why can't we see the Light why won't we let go
Of all the things that keep holding us down
Sometimes the fight is just to stay above ground
   Well if so,
    We've got nothing left but our souls to give
    We've made our own Hell To Live
It's time to forgive
To live and let live


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