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Davey Pattison and Dave Van Kleeck in San Francisco, CA

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Davey Pattison and Dave Van Kleeck, 2007

Davey relaxing at home, 2007

Davey Pattison Biography

Davey Pattison is not a member of the band, though he is very much thought of as one.
He is a Professional Vocalist available for Session Work whenever he is not Touring
or Recording with Robin Trower or his own band.


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Davey Pattison in performance!Davey Pattison was invited to the United States from his native Scotland in 1979 by the late Bill Graham to front the band "GAMMA" then being put together by guitarist Ronnie Montrose - "I'd given up all hope of finding a quality singer for GAMMA until I heard Davey Pattison." (Montrose quoted in the Detroit News).

Davey arrived with a notebook full of Lyrics and began co-writing the GAMMA hits, "Thunder & Lightning", "No Tears" and "Razor King" for the band's first album. Two more albums followed and Davey again co-wrote, most notably, the now classic GAMMA song "Voyager". Major stadium and arena concerts followed as GAMMA was paired with major rock acts like AC/DC, Santana, ZZ Top, Journey, Toto and Foreigner. Davey Pattison and GAMMA had entered the world of big time Rock and Roll.

After years of success, like many bands, GAMMA's members went their separate ways and in 1986 Davey was approached by his old friend Robin Trower who asked him to perform on his forthcoming album "PASSION". "Trower's "PASSION" not only shows off his guitar playing but showcases the talents of the group's vocalist. Davey Pattison. who brought the house down with " 'PASSlON's' title track." (Larry Snider, music director at KXIX, Seattle. "Trower's guitar playing is topped off by a delicious performance by one of the unsung talents of our time - former GAMMA front man. Davey Pattison" - Kerrang Magazine, U.K. (The British "Rolling Stone").

Davey continued his work with Trower playing to sold out venues across the United States and Canada. Two years later the album "TAKE WHAT YOU NEED" was released, again to critical acclaim, and the hit single "TEAR IT UP" was aired on radio stations from coast to coast. In 1990, Atlantic Records released "IN THE LINE OF FIRE" - "Now more than ever. Trower's music takes on a quality that's testament to Pattison's influence on the material" (Kerrang Magazine.) - "Surely now Pattison must be considered as one of the world's top ten best singers." (Kerrang Magazine).

1992 saw the release of the album "BEST OF GAMMA" and record sales soared. Davey reunited with Ronnie Montrose to tour in support of the album. Live shows received high praise from fans and critics alike.

For years now, fans, radio D.J.s, record companies and fellow musicians have been asking Davey when he would go solo. "The challenge with a solo career", says Pattison, "is that I'm known for my work with GAMMA and Robin Trower, both rock acts, but I have never really considered myself just a "rock" singer. I've been making records since 1969 and sung on literally hundreds of sessions. I've been on jazz, country, pop, rock and blues albums and, since my heart lies in the blues and soul, this "Mississippi Night's" CD will reflect that. I also wanted to feature slide guitarist Steve Canali who I honestly believe to be one of the best slide players in the world and Dale Ockerman, who spent 8 years playing keyboards with the Doobie Brothers.

Over the last few years Davey has been keeping very busy. A second solo cd titled "PICTURES" which once again proved to be an outstanding recording. Written and recorded over a couple of years it really showed an insight into this talented artist.

Davey was also involved in a reuniting with Ronnie Montrose and Gamma for "Gamma 4". As one critic put it "yet to these ears the reformation¹s lynchpin has to be Pattison. The adaptable yet impassioned Scottish singer earned considerable plaudits during Gamma¹s first time around"

Recordings with ex Starship great Pete Sears, appearances on ex Trower drummer Bill Lordan's BLX release, also on ex Doobie Brothers Dale Ockerman's first solo recording, Davey has been busy! And just to show you yet another side of his voice Davey was on not one but two highly popular recordings with guitar wizard Michael Schenker. The "Endless Jam" recordings also included musical legends Leslie West, Tim Bogart and Aynsley Dunbar. Of these recordings Davey said " well people have wanted me to rock...this is it"

And in between all these Davey has once again joined up with Robin Trower, Dave Bronze and Pete Thompson to record LIVING OUT OF TIME. Subsequent tours over the last two years in Europe and North America with this line up have proven highly successful. For more on this and Davey's latest work please go to the What's New link on Davey's Website.

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