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  Bob "TROGG" Herder

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When and where were you born?: February 25th in Columbus, Ohio

When and where was your first public performance?: In a band called Broke Dick Dawg which formed in the Airman's Club on the Air Force Base I was stationed at - Minot AFB in Minot, ND.

What is your favorite performance memory?: There are too many, every time I play it is such a RUSH!!! (pardon my shameless plug for RUSH) There have been some great times in Ohio anytime Dave Craycraft & I hook up when I'm "Back home". I think I can choose one from there that stands out, but I don't think I can choose just one from overall...except maybe.......................Okay! 
    The 3 Robin Trower tunes on the Point Of View CD, because they were recorded live. It's honest and real, we didn't dub or overdub, or re-record anything. Dave's vocals were rough and it embarrasses him greatly on one of the Trower tunes, the one for James Dewar - uh - Somebody Calling. But we all agreed that live means live and real means real. 
    You know, there was a fourth Trower tune in  that live recording, we went into "Too Rolling Stoned" after "Somebody Calling". Those four songs were recorded live and non-stop, with each song leading into the next one in 3 unrehearsed segues. A solid 25 minutes of non-stop music with some blistering lead solos from Dave! Really wish we had been able to put that medley on the CD intact! Maybe when we release our LIVE! Album, we'll be able to include it then! 

    We've created allot of music together over the years as Dave Michaels Project & Sapphire Bluez, but I think this is our best ever! Nothing we've done before matches what we've done on our first CD as Cross Town. And our live performances are better and more powerful than the CD because we've really grown into the songs now. They recreate themselves each time we play.

What is your main instrument?: Drums. I play around on the guitar a bit and I tend to hum Bass lines while drumming if it's just Dave John and I. Tends to make for some interesting mix problems as I can't seem to stop when we're rolling tape for a take. And by mix problems I mean Dave and his ears. Guitar players - Geesh!

I understand you are also a professional driver?: Was, for over 16 years. I drove for Upstaging, which does most of the major tours. I love the road, and I've met some of the most interesting people around the country and up in Canada over the years. I am ready to get back to the music now. Really want to spend some time playing and creating new music now and leave the trucking to the other guy!

What made you decide to pursue music?: It's just what I had to do. I have only one regret about the years I've spent driving for other bands; it has kept me from staying in performance shape and keeping my chops tight. Usually, when I had a break in my schedule, Dave and I spent the first week with me working the rust out of my joints and head. After that, we plug in and have a go at it and things just fell into place. 

What have you accomplished so far in your career, or is this a hobby?: I've had to admit that anything you don't do daily to earn your bread is basically a hobby. However, it's a serious one for me that is now my daily gig. I've spent my life listening to all styles of music and learning from some of the best and most experienced names in music every chance I got. The driving gig was a means to an end, a way to pay the bills and get to know some of what goes on behind the scenes and how a tour really works.

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